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Title: A parametric study on the effect of weld misalignment on the local buckling response of pipelines
Category: Technical papers from the Journal of Pipeline Engineering
Downloadable: Yes 
Catalog No.: 2198s
Date of Publication: Jun 1 2010 12:00AM
Price: $25.00 US
Authors: Aiman Al-Showaiter, Professor Farid Taher, and Dr Shawn Kenny
Abstract: PIPELINES ARE VITAL elements used for the transportation of oil and gas from field to consumption regions or exporting ports. Pipelines traverse various terrains and may be subject to ground movements such as subsidence, slope movement, frost heave, thaw settlement, or offshore ice gouging. Therefore, it is essential to understand the reliability and the integrity of these pipelines. Moreover, the mechanical behaviour of shell structures, such as pipelines, is ‘imperfection sensitive’, and the presence of initial geometric or material imperfections can significantly affect the pipeline load and deformation capacity.

This paper deals with the examination of the influence of initial geometric imperfections associated with joint to joint offset misalignment that may be present due to the girth welding process when connecting pipeline segments. This investigation was conducted using finite-element methods to assess the effects of internal pressure, axial force, misalignment amplitude, and misalignment orientation on the local buckling response of pipelines. Through this parametric analysis, the moment-curvature response and variation in section geometry with increasing global curvature was examined.

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