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Title: Don’t drop the drop-weight tear test
Category: Technical papers from the Journal of Pipeline Engineering
Downloadable: Yes 
Catalog No.: 2197s
Date of Publication: Jun 1 2010 12:00AM
Price: $25.00 US
Authors: Dr Andrew Cosham, David G Jones, Robert Eiber, and Dr Phil Hopkins
Abstract: FOR OVER 40 years, linepipe specifications have specified minimum requirements for the shear area in a drop-weight tear test (DWTT) to ensure the arrest of a long-running brittle fracture. The DWTT has been very successful in preventing long-running brittle fractures: however, most current pipeline engineers do not know the background to, nor the importance of, the test, or the shear area requirement. This can lead to problems, as this is an essential requirement, particularly for pipelines transporting gas or liquids with a high vapour pressure. The cognoscenti who developed the requirements are, of course, aware of all of the issues and the background. However, the cognoscenti are fewer in number than they were, and perhaps not as young as they used to be. Therefore, this paper summarizes the reasons for, and the background to, the DWTT requirements in the linepipe specifications, and considers some issues that have arisen in recent projects. It is concluded that we must not become complacent about the DWTT requirement and we must not allow this knowledge to be lost in time. Today, even 40 years after its introduction, the background to, and the development of, the DWTT needs to be fully understood and recognized.
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