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Title: Design and development of a 24-in/34-in dual-diameter pig
Category: Pigsource Papers
Downloadable: Yes 
Catalog No.: pg3213e
Date of Publication: 1995
Price: $25.00 US
Authors: Chris F Kershaw
Abstract: In early 1994 BG Kershaw (then Kershaw International) was contacted and took on the challenge to develop a 24- in/34-in dual-diameter pig based on experience involving the development of a 20-in/26-in dual-diameter pig some 10 years previously. The initial phase of the development involved an extensive trials programme to establish and determine the optimum way of achieving such a dual-diameter capability. This was followed by further trials utilizing pull-through facilities and a 34-in full-size fabricated wye piece together with a 24-in to 34- in taper piece and connecting 24-in and 34-in pipework. The next phase, which is currently underway, is to produce a prototype pig for trials in both a 24-in pipeline and the 34-in Ekofisk to Teesside Norpipe pipeline. The design of this pig is being based on the results of the trials programme. Once trials in the two separate pipelines have been completed, the design of the prototype pig will be fine-tuned, and a number of production pigs supplied to enable regular pigging operations to be carried out once the Judy platform commences oil production through the new 24-in pipeline.
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