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Title: Choosing the Right Pig for the Job
Category: Pigsource Papers
Downloadable: No
Catalog No.: pg1049e
Date of Publication: not available
Price: $25.00 US
Authors: John Spraggon
Abstract: Pigs are devices that are inserted into a pipeline generally for the purpose of cleaning, gauging or product separation. They are driven by product flow or imported mediums such as water or gas. Pigs fall into one of four groups: i) foams, ii) solid polyurethane, iii) metal-bodied or mandrel type, and iv) spheres. The focus of this paper will be metal body pigs as they are the most flexible and can be configured to suit most applications. Metal body pigs are produced in two forms i) in-line inspection tools or intelligent pigs, and ii) utility pigs. This paper considers the latter. Pipeline utility pigs can assist the operator throughout the entire life of a pipeline, from the initial commissioning phase through operation to final de-commissioning and abandonment. * Construction and commissioning - debris removal, cleaning, initial gauging, hydrostatic testing, dewatering, drying and commissioning. * Operation - debris removal, cleaning, product separation, gauging and corrosion inhibitor application. * Decommissioning and abandonment - Product removal, cleaning and filling with an inert substance. Before selecting a pig for an application some specific questions must be answered: * What task must the pig perform? * At what stage of the pipeline's life will the task be performed. * What are the critical operating features which will influence the design of the pig. Answering all these questions will provide the right pig for the job.
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