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Title: Behaviour of wrinkled linepipe subjected to internal pressure and eccentric axial compression load
Category: Technical papers from the Journal of Pipeline Engineering
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Catalog No.: 2175s
Date of Publication: Sep 1 2009 12:00AM
Price: $25.00 US
Authors: Navid Nazemi, Sara Kenno, and Sreekanta Das
Abstract: AN NPS10 field linepipe failed due to rupture in the wrinkle. The segment of the field linepipe where the wrinkle formed and rupture occurred was situated in an unstable ground slope. The rupture occurred when the linepipe was being brought back to service after its regular shutdown. Post-failure observation indicated that the shape of the wrinkle was not symmetric and the rupture occurred at the foot of the wrinkle. The pipeline operator wanted to understand the load condition that can produce this type of asymmetric wrinkle and rupture. Therefore, two laboratory tests on NPS6 pipe specimens were conducted to investigate possible load conditions that may have created such a wrinkle and rupture in the pipe wall. The pipe specimens were tested under eccentric axial load with or without internal pressure. This paper discusses the test procedure used and results obtained from these two tests. The test results show that the load combinations applied to these two specimens were able to produce a wrinkle and a rupture that looked very similar to that of the field linepipe, and these load combinations impose a great threat to the structural integrity and safety of a field linepipe passing through an unstable slope.


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