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Title: An Inspection System for Distribution Mains
Category: Pigsource Papers
Downloadable: No
Catalog No.: pg1040e
Date of Publication: not available
Price: $25.00 US
Authors: Philippe Rave, Kiran Kothari, and Patrick Porter
Abstract: The development program carried out under Gas Research Institute contract number 5094-270-2920 integrated and modified two existing technologies to produce a new inspection system for service distribution mains. These technologies are a coiled tubing and a Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL). The coiled tubing provides the means by which an inspection module employing MFL technology can be inserted into, moved through, and removed from an in service main thereby providing the Operator with detailed information on the condition of the pipes. This program is equally funded by Gas Research Institute (GRI) and Gaz de France (GdF). The work is carried out by Tuboscope Vetco Pipeline Service and Guided Boring Systems. There are hundreds of thousands of miles of steel (ferrous) distribution mains currently in operation. All pipelines are prone to time dependent defects, such as corrosion, which can reduce safety, security of service and threaten the environment if failure occurs. Prudent operators recognized the need to inspect these pipes to ensure that affected location are repaired or replaced before failure occurs. Presently, to inspect pipes for corrosion requires excavation and visual inspection of the pipe -an expensive undertaking with an estimated cost of $1,000 for digging and restoring a 3-by 3-ft. hole. By making one excavation, using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspection technology, operators can inspect live operating mains, lower operating costs, minimize service disruptions, and increase pipe safety and reliability. In the mid 1960's systems were developed to inspect high pressure transmission pipelines. These inspection devices are commonly referred to as "Pigs" (Intelligent Pigs, Smart Pigs). While there are several technologies currently used for this inspection application the first developed, and still the most common, is the Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL). These inspection tools have matured and developed dramatically over the years. The inspectionsystem developed for distribution mains builds on this latest technology and adapts it for this unique inspection challenge.
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