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Title: An effective optimization approach for designing cost-effective and reliable sandwich pipes for use in deep and ultra-deep water
Category: Technical papers from the Journal of Pipeline Engineering
Downloadable: Yes 
Catalog No.: 2238s
Date of Publication: Sep 1 2011 12:00AM
Price: $25.00 US
Authors: Hossein Abolghasem, Kaveh Arjomandi, and Dr Farid Taheri
Abstract: STEEL PIPELINES INTENDED for service in deep and ultra-deep water require very thick wall, in turn making them expensive. In addition, due to the higher weight, the cost for their transportation and installation also becomes more costly and difficult. In such circumstances, an alternative design, known as the sandwich pipe system, would be more advantageous. The concept of sandwich pipe is relatively new: in such systems, two concentric steel pipes are separated by a polymeric annulus, bonded to both inner and outer steel pipes. The design provides a combination of high structural stiffness and strength, as well as effective thermal insulation.

The objective of this research is to perform cost optimization on sandwich pipes used in deep waters, in conjunction with consideration of the effect of certain structural parameters that influence the plastic buckling and collapse pressure capacity of such pipes. The work also considers the use of high-grade steel pipes as the internal or external pipes, and the annular foam in between the pipes, as some of the important design parameters. The study uses the solutions developed earlier by the authors. The solutions present a set of practical and accurate equations for establishing the plastic buckling capacity of sandwich pipes, including those pipes with high steel grades, intended for service at very deep waters. These equations, along with a simple cost function, are used as the basis for the implementation of a general optimization procedure, in order to establish the most economic and structurally sensible pipes for use at various water depths.

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